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Our mission is two fold: 1) help men's gymnastics flourish in the Pacific Northwest ; and 2) empower athletes with a training environment that facilitates pursuit of their highest aspirations.

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Organization Overview

The Boise Men's Gymnastics Foundation Co. (BMGF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Boise, ID, that is tasked with building and maintaining a high performing collegiate level men's gymnastics team.  Formed in 2020, BMGF will field its first competitive team in 2021 and is currently an independent collegiate team.

As a means of expanding the educational mission of the Boise Men's Gymnastics Association, BMGF's purpose includes the following:

-  To become associated with an advanced training facility and program that both (i) develop high performing collegiate level gymnasts from the ground up, (ii) serve their training and competitive team needs, and also (iii) provide advanced training and community engagement opportunities for senior-level athletes pursuing their post-collegiate dreams.

Our Principles

Our team members are taught to honor and embody the values that lead to success in sports and life, including the following key personal attributes:

Positivity - the principle of being positive or optimistic in attitude, and approaching life, challenges and goals with enthusiasm, confidence, and decisiveness.

Intensity - the quality of being productively intense, including approaching training and competition with passion and discipline, vision-oriented specificity, and patience.

Mindfulness - the state of being fully conscious of one's goals, actions, choices, and motivations in an effort to turn them into powerful tools for success.

Integrity - the virtue of being honest and having and abiding by strong moral principles.

Tenacity - the ability to persevere in the face of frustration or adversity as one works toward an attainable goal.

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