OfficialFlying Solo, Boise Men’s Gymnastics Unveils New Logo

Flying Solo, Boise Men’s Gymnastics Unveils New Logo

The Board of Directors for the Boise Men’s Gymnastics Foundation (BMGF) has voted unanimously to operate its collegiate men’s gymnastics program as an independent team for the 2021-2022 season, free of affiliation with any specific university.

Head Coach Chris Nagy explained:  “Although the Board has high hopes that it will develop strong relationships with one or more surrounding colleges in the near future, the Board made this decision so the program could be more flexible during its first year of operation.  More specifically, the team will be able to welcome all graduating students planning to attend a local college next year — even if those students applied for admission to different schools.”

Coach Nagy has also announced that the program has adopted the Golden Eagle, a bird of prey native to the Boise area, as its mascot.  The Golden Eagles’ new logo pictured above also reveals the new program’s iconic black and gold color scheme.

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